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Company profile

Qingdao Raynol Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in Huangdao District, Qingdao City in 2003,Raynol focus on research and development innovation, production and operation and sustainable development of polyester polyol, flame retardants, oleic acid,potassium, sodium oleate, and other areas of the surfactants research and development of environmentally friendly products innovation. Focusing on the service of polyurethane and rubber, it is also a domestic professional supplier of rubber additives, oil field auxiliaries, flame retardant filling materials, tire mould, tire mould and so on.

Since Qingdao Raynol Chemical Co., Ltd. established , With outstanding enterprises at home and abroad, chemical research institutions to establish strategic partnership, and is committed to product research and development of the direction of the health and environmental and sustainable development of rhino products are widely used in polyurethane foam, polyurethane elastomers, rubber tire, rubber latex products, textiles, paint coating, rail transportation, offshore drilling, oil field, mine, sewage treatment, aerospace machinery, and other fields, the company can meet the personalized needs of customers constantly changing.

Qingdao Raynol chemical industry, insist to create value for society and customers! Our company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "achieving ourselves-rewarding society", and serving customers according to the principle of "the most pure quality like gold,and the most comfortable service". The way to success is to follow the path of gratitude and win-win cooperation. Gratitude is a shortcut to cooperation and a catalyst for win-win results.

Raynol, be grateful and walk with you!

The enterprise culture

Raynol purpose: Achieving ourselves-reporting society

l Raynol spirit: Sunshine,wisdom,humanitarian,action

l Business concept: The most pure quality like gold, with the most comfortable service.l

Sales concept:  Raynol,creative value for customers.

l Market concept: Give me a tree,return you a forest.

l Environmental concept: The golden mountain and the silver mountain are less than green river and mountain.

l Talent concept: The enterprise is the tree and talent is the root.

l Culture concept: The noble morality like comfortable breeze.

Development concept:Be grateful and walk with you

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