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The way we work

Reno is looking for people who share the same interests as us Reno people and act on those values.

Talents are our most important asset. We do our best to attract and cultivate the "sunshine, wisdom and fraternity" of Reno people to trust and be loyal to each other

A man who is bold in exploration and progress

Such people dare to challenge, dare to innovate, pursue perfection, and are not satisfied with existing standards.

they actively develop themselves and strive to become industry leaders.

 they are open-minded, innovative and able to find new opportunities and new ways of thinking.

they set and achieve challenging goals in the spirit of "I can do it".

A person who is willing to give unselfishly

Such people strive to create greater profits and value relationships with companies, customers and colleagues.

they put "we" and common goals first.

they value their commitment to customers and continue to create value for them.

 they work together, trust others, and have team spirit.

One who dares to be honest and just

Such people act on principle and are proud of it.

they are honest, principled and able to resist the temptation of short-term gain.

they treat others fairly, openly, rationally and honestly with their own abilities and performance.

Please send Word document of your resume to raynol@raynol.net or contact our hr department directly.

Our direct line number is: 13864489786

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