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Common problem

  • After-sale service?

    In the process of using, if we encounter problems, we will know the situation, arrive at the scene and solve the problems. Our service telephone is open 24 hours, and we can solve the problems for cus

  • What about the quality?

    Reno chemical industry in line with "quality as pure as gold, service heart close to the heart" management principle, from the import of raw materials, production, out of stock are strictly

  • Delivery cycle?

    Raynol Chemical insists on providing prompt and considerate service to customers and can arrange delivery within 2-3 working days after receiving the payment of orders.

  • Can samples be provided free of charge?

    Raynol focuses on the development and production of high-end products, can be customized for customers to make appropriate products, in the early stages of trial, need customers to provide compan

  • Application process of VAT invoice

    After signing a sales contract with our company and payment, we should provide you with the information of the invoice in time.

  • Can the sample be provided free of charge?

    R & D and production Pellegrino focus on high-end products, customers can be tailored to fit...

  • Most of the business process

    Network / telephone understanding of products - sample trial - problem feedback and solution - signing contract - money...

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