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Polyurethane materials become indispensable to human life chemical materials

2018-03-26 14:23:00 Zibo Raynol Chemical Technology Co., Ltd Read

At present, the polyurethane materials in human life becomes indispensable chemical materials. The data shows, now the demand of the polyurethane in the world 1.5 2 times the GDP growth. Since 2000, the global polyurethane are basic to double the speed of growth, in 2010 alone, the amount of polyurethane to reach 18.7 million tons.

In the global market, building insulation materials occupy the pu needs more than half of the space. A large number of domestic and international related research institutions test proof, polyurethane hard foam material in the coefficient of thermal conductivity, and construction of energy-saving heat preservation performance is superior to other types of insulation materials. Polyurethane are currently less than 10% in the existing buildings in China, as the country to improve the insulation performance requirements and policy specification, believe that the polyurethane materials in the construction market has huge market potential.

In recent years, with the speeding up of urbanization in our country, great efforts to promote the development of the automobile and home appliance industry. Nowadays, our country automobile industry has for many years to maintain the growth rate of 15% above, beyond the United States, Japan as the world's biggest car market. Light-duty vehicles and low oil consumption requirements is the necessary way of the current automobile market development, polyurethane car interior to vehicle weight reduction, energy saving and improve durability play an important role. The strength of the industry development will bring huge market opportunity for polyurethane industry.

Experts have said that is expected to 2015, Chinese MDI market will reach 1.62 million tons. The vigorous development of the industry will stimulate the growth of the future demand for China's polyurethane. Energy conservation and emissions reduction plan, will enable building heat preservation and heat insulation, automobile energy saving in the field of polyurethane products with larger development space.

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