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The characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection heat preservation material must possess

2018-03-26 14:23:51 Zibo Raynol Chemical Technology Co., Ltd Read

Energy conservation and environmental protection trend gradually approaching, it also provides heat preservation material sales in China with the development of A huge business opportunities, also due to the effect of heat preservation and insulation material factors, is divided into A level, actually class A insulation of exterior wall thermal insulation products is the best brand, it not only has the high quality materials, and in the daily security has the unique feature.

Civil construction outer wall heat preservation material combustion performance must be used as A level of material. Is, non-combustible material, but at present, the market popular wall thermal insulation material mainly organic material, even adding flame retardants, highest can only achieve B1 level. If you want to strictly enforce the history's most severe fire, means that the wall heat preservation material industry in China will face all shuffle or even eliminated. And security environmental protection wall heat preservation material development space is very large.

Security environmental protection of exterior wall thermal insulation material industry development and industry access conditions work forum conference, a new generation of external wall thermal insulation materials should be a safe and environmentally friendly materials, should satisfy three conditions:

(1) : it is a safe environmental protection material production process, to the safe and healthy environment neither direct damage or buried accidents;

(2) : the second is the material nature of safety degree is high, storage, transportation, management, use and waste disposal are less safety hazards, is difficult to cause secondary disasters;

(3) : 3 is a material consumptions of whole life cycle of materials, energy consumption, waste discharge and governance, the ecological environment and the impact of climate change, as well as comprehensive cost than traditional materials are further improved.

Product of green environmental protection, no pollution and can be used for a variety of industries, such as aquaculture: insulation chicken, duck, pig pens, barn, rabbits and so on; Construction industry: factory building, warehouse storage, construction site temporary housing and artificial dormitory, office, etc., our factory production of green environmental protection heat preservation material mainly includes: magnesium inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic insulation board, caigang insulation board, skeleton greenhouse greenhouses and special equipment necessary for aquaculture cultivation, etc., product variety, strong selectivity, generally can meet the demand of the masses of users.

The personage inside course of study thinks, "is not easy to happen safety hazards" and "no safety hazards" different in nature, the ministry has made the expression of heat preservation material industry saw the vitality. China's vast, across the cold region, warm and cold area, building area is different, the requirement of the external wall thermal insulation material and thickness are also different. Flame retardant polyurethane thermal insulation decoration board system, can be used in different areas, different building thermal insulation engineering selection; And the heat preservation plate quality is light, insulation, good flame retardant performance, convenient construction, good durability. Development and integration of new type of decorative wall thermal insulation system, is not only need the reality of building energy saving in our country, is also an effective way to long-term implementation of building energy efficiency, in accordance with national and international environmental requirements.

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