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Polyurethane core technology innovation must be accelerated

2018-03-26 14:24:26 Zibo Raynol Chemical Technology Co., Ltd Read

The global economy continues to weaken, known as "sunrise industry" of the polyurethane industry has been influenced. Held on August 30, 2012 Chinese polyurethane industry investment and development on the BBS, experts attending the meeting, said the current which is the best period of the industry, brewing a new round of development, innovation and development of core technology has become a polyurethane industry priority. Industry should focus on developing safe and environmentally friendly technologies, including the method of phosgenation isocyanate production technology, propylene direct oxidation of propylene oxide, reduce and eliminate the solvent polyurethane technology, renewable biological resources is the base for biodegradable materials, polyurethane waste product recycling technology, etc., as well as the development of high value-added, enormous quantity wide downstream product differentiation.

On the core technology to win the initiative

The current global isocyanate main raw material diphenyl methane diisocyanate (MDI), toluene diisocyanate (TDI) and polyether polyols (PPG) and so on, its capacity is a shift to Asia and China, raw materials and downstream products in the market competition is fierce. Whoever has the core technology, grasp the initiative. China polyurethane industry association secretary-general Zhu Changchun, for instance, yantai wanhua mastered the MDI independent core technology, currently has more than 1.1 million tons/year capacity, also bought a Hungarian Sue company, plus other expansion projects, wanhua or will become the MDI global first; At the same time pay attention to development of the downstream wanhua, established a relatively complete industrial chain; Because the product quality is better than other brand, its price has been strong.

It is understood that in recent 10 years, the technology innovation, polyurethane industry in China has made greater achievement, have common problems for the industry, the core technology breakthrough laid a certain foundation. Such as yantai wanhua MDI group new optical gasification reaction agent production technology, its key index reached the international leading level; The development of the Chinese academy preparation technology of industrialization, waterborne polyurethane adhesives performance to measure, some more than similar foreign products; Polyurethane elastomer crosslinking agent MOCA scale expanding ton, technology leading; The method of phosgenation HDI and electricity adiponitrile synthesis technology, filled the domestic blank, is planning to build capacity of 100000 tons/year six methylene diisocyanate (HDI) and 300000 tons/year adiponitrile project, and so on.

To enlarge wide pyramid basis

China petroleum and chemical industry association, deputy director of the information and market wish Fang tells a reporter, "like a pyramid, polyurethane industry with spire - lots of raw materials of high performance, now need most is to enlarge the width pyramid, the basis of the development of downstream product differentiation."

Industry some companies keen on investment, he says, "generic" product, this is not competitive, also helped excess capacity; Under the new situation, the enterprise should be the focus of investment to research and development, the development with independent property rights, "I was not" applied products.

Zhu Changchun analysis said that TDI production in China from the point of view of the number of the world's first, but the technical content of TDI domestic enterprises is lower, we will be having phosgenation method and the method of phosgenation technical implementation of research at the same time, trying to make a breakthrough. In downstream, the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) production is mostly using dry spandex, solvent pollution problems, and the international advanced melting technology, the final product is spandex slice. At present still needs a large number of imported or domestic procurement of local foreign spandex slice. However, wuxi company has been in the development of melting spandex complete sets of equipment.

Speed must be "open innovation"

To the fierce competition in the market, leading to minimize enterprise profit, plus the old concept of "innovation can't nearly thirst", some small and medium-sized enterprises are not willing to put money into research and development. How to change this situation? Zhu Changchun according to the characteristics of the polyurethane industry, put forward the thinking of "open innovation" : first, large enterprises are encouraged to set up r&d center, we should institutionally ensure that r&d investment, the introduction of high-end talent, develop innovation target. Wanhua group, the establishment of the institute, and promote the company took a "with innovation and promote development" of the path to success. Second, to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises set up r&d institutions accordingly; With the domestic colleges and universities of science and technology industrialization project cooperation, avoid fight alone, cooperation mode can be diversified; Encouraging local science and technology incubation park, new material industrial park built government departments to give policy support, such as tax breaks for new product listings. Third, win-win cooperation with foreign enterprises; Multinational company after more than 100 years development, the production and product technology content is higher, and its cooperation suffers

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