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The 16th international polyurethane exhibition Raynol Chemical presents perfectly

2018-08-11 09:54:00 Zibo Raynol Chemical Technology Co., Ltd Read



        The 16th international polyurethane exhibition opened in Shanghai from 8.1 to 8.3. Qingdao Raynol Chemical Co., Ltd received new and old customers from home and abroad at no. 909.

       Qingdao Raynol Chemical Co., Ltd mainly launched new products of waterborne polyester polyol series, flame compound, flame retardant series, catalyst potassium oleate, potassium acetate series at the 16th polyurethane exhibition, which attracted the attention of domestic and foreign customers. Raynol employees answer every question of customers with 100% enthusiasm, which is highly praised by our five stars!

       This year's exhibition is full of achievements, not only introducing high-quality products to customers in need, but also making many friends in the domestic and foreign industries, Qindao Raynol Chemical Co.. Ltd. is willing to work hand in hand with new and old customers friends to enter the new era together!


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