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Polyester polyol

  • Phthalic anhydride polyester polyol PS series

    The PS series products effectively improve the mutual solubility of the polyester polyol and other components , have excellent cell pore structure and dimensional stability of the foam , and are suitable for the field of polyurethane hard foam .

  • Flame retardant polyester polyol PF series

    PF series products contain high molecular structure of benzene ring to introduce flame retardant elements, which can greatly improve the flame retardancy of foam, but also improve the high temperature resistance of foam.

  • Waterborne polyester polyol PB series

    The hydrophilic group is introduced into PB series to make it water soluble, which is helpful to improve the flexibility and chemical corrosion resistance of foam.

  • Modified polyester polyol P series

    P series products are mainly modified polyester polyols which can dissolve with polyether polyols and can improve the leveling performance and temperature resistance of the materials.

  • Low hydroxyl value polyester polyols PL series

    The PL series products have higher primary hydroxyl content and higher benzene ring content, which can improve the elasticity and tear strength of the products, and the adhesion to steel, plastics and other substrates is very strong.

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