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Surface active agent

  • Sodium oleate PN series

    Sodium oleate, also known as sodium octadecenoate, is a compound consisting of hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups. It has excellent emulsification, permeability and decontamination, and has good solubility in hot water. It is used as anion surfactant and water repellent for fabrics.

  • Potassium oleate PC series

    Potassium oleate is a kind of potassium catalyst, which is mainly used in polyisocyanate reaction in polyurethane foam. It can also be used as rubber emulsifier, foaming agent, isolator, cleaner, lubricant, fiber softener and surfactant.

  • Oleic acid diethanolamide PD series

    Oleic acid diethanolamide is a non-ionic surfactant dispersed in water and soluble in general organic solvents. It has good emulsification, antistatic, anti-atomization, anti-friction and anti-rust properties

  • Triethanolamine oleic acid soap PD series

    Triethanolamine oleic acid soap is a kind of Nonionic surfactant with excellent emulsifying and dispersing properties, strong foaming ability, strong stability in acidic and alkaline media, and good anti-rust ability of detergent.

  • latex foaming stabilizer PM series

    The active components of Reno PM series are all anionic surfactants. Based on the specific molecular structure of the active compounds in the products, they are very suitable for the foaming agent and foam stabilizer of latex foaming system, especially the natural emulsion foaming system.

  • Sodium ricinoleate PN series

    PN series products have good lubricity, emulsification, wettability, dispersibility and so on, can be used as emulsifier, fabric finishing agent and so on.

  • Potassium ricinoleate PC series

    PC series products are light yellow transparent liquid, with good lubricity, emulsification, wettability, dispersion, color retention and low temperature resistance.

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