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    Halogen-free environmental flame retardant HF series

    • HF series products have excellent flame retardancy, good stability, low smoke, low toxicity, good compatibility with all kinds of polymer materials, easy to disperse evenly, so it is an ideal and efficient environmental flame retardant.
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    HF series products are halogenated phosphate flame retardants, with low content and excellent flame-retardant properties. They do not contain banned substances such as TDCPP, TCEPX, TPP and so on. They are a new type of environmental and efficient flame retardants. They have good thermal stability and long time flame retardancy. It is mainly used for testing flame-retardant standards such as FMVSS-302 CA-117 BS-5852 soft polyurethane foam.

    Product features:

    1. The flame retardant is environmentally friendly and low toxic. It is suitable for high-grade car seats, baby products and all kinds of high-grade furniture. 

    2. The flame retardant has excellent synergistic flame retardant effect, good migration resistance, excellent aging resistance and lasting flame retardant effect.

    3. Foaming formula can be used alone or in conjunction with other suitable flame retardants and silicone oil.

    4. This product can balance the flame-retardant efficiency, anti-coke and physical properties of foam.

    5. It has the advantages of convenient operation, excellent flame-retardant effect, good compatibility with polyol, and uniform foaming and dispersing.

    product name

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    RAYNOL HF-2300

    Soft bubble

    This series of products is a high efficiency halogen-free flame retardant, its stability and flame retardant performance is excellent, the application process is low smoke, low toxicity, no droplet, good compatibility with all kinds of polymer materials, easy to disperse evenly, It is an ideal and efficient environmental protection flame retardant. Suitable for export standard sponge, rail transit and other high-end areas.


    RAYNOL HF-2309

    RAYNOL ECP-6016

    Storage and transport:

    Products must be placed in a dry, cool place, away from heat sources, sparks and open fires, avoid exposure to the sun and avoid moisture and water pollution. Handle in accordance with good hygiene and safety procedures. Use in a ventilated place. The normal storage period is 6 months.

    This product is not a dangerous chemical and is transported according to general cargo.Security statement:

    Avoid inhaling steam and foggy, if in direct contact with eyes or skin, immediately rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice. If ingested carelessly, immediately rinse mouth with water and seek medical advice

    Please wear appropriate protective clothing before using this product and carefully refer to the material safety specification MSDS.

    Packing specification:

    Iron drum packing 250 kg / barrel


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