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    hydrolytic flame retardant LE series

    • Le series products are halogenated phosphate flame retardants with high phosphorus content, reasonable
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    Le series products are mainly used in polyurethane rigid foam system to overcome the technical problem of flame retardant in the combination material and widely used in pipe insulation, solar water heater, refrigerator freezer, sheet metal and other hard foam fields

    Product features:

    1.the intersolubility of the series products with each material is better in the system of hard foam composition, and the compounding material is not stratified. 

    2. the flame retardant property is excellent, the oxygen index of polyurethane rigid foam system can reach 26 or even 32, and the sustained flame retardant property can be obtained;

    3.this product has good hydrolysis resistance, the compound can be stored for more than 3 months under normal temperature without affecting foaming activity; This series of products can obviously improve the physical viscosity and the fluidity of foaming process.


    Product characteristics

    application area


    RAYNOL  LE-300

    hard bubble


    This product is a high efficiency compound flame retardant, with unparalleled hydrolysis resistance, stability and excellent flame retardant durable performance, it is the first choice product in the field of hard foam flame retardant


    RAYNOL  LE-500

    RAYNOL  LE-900

    Storage and transport:

    Products must be placed in a dry, cool place, away from heat sources, sparks and open fires, avoid exposure to the sun and avoid moisture and water pollution. Handle in accordance with good hygiene and safety procedures. Use in a ventilated place. The normal storage period is 6 months.

    This product is not a dangerous chemical and is transported according to general cargo.

    Security statement: Avoid inhaling steam and foggy, if in direct contact with eyes or skin, immediately rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice. If ingested carelessly, immediately rinse mouth with water and seek medical advice.   Please wear appropriate protective clothing before using this product and carefully refer to the material safety specification MSDS.

    Packing specification: 

    Iron drum packing 250 kg / barrel


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