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    Potassium oleate PC series

    • Rino has been developing and producing high quality potassium oleate PC series products since 2003. The products are all made of high purity raw materials. The products have low color and low taste, and provide liquid, paste and solid state of various contents. To meet the individual needs of customers.
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    Potassium oleate is soluble in water, alkaline in solution and soluble in thermal alcohol. Almost insoluble in ether, petroleum ether and other organic solvents. But the hard water is easy to form calcium soap.

    Product features:

    1. Potassium oleate is the trimerization catalyst of polyurethane rigid polyisocyanuric acid ester, which is widely used in PIR foam system of polyurethane insulation board.

    2. Potassium oleate has good lubricity, emulsification, wettability, dispersion, color retention and low temperature resistance.

    3. Widely used in water-based coatings, inks, latex sponge foaming, leather finishing, fabric coating and finishing, paper surface and fiber treatment agent, cream and shampoo cosmetics, water tank drawing lubricant, washing products fillers, etc.

    4. Also can be used as environmental protection rubber emulsifier, release agent, cleaning agent and metal processing industry lubrication and cutting fluid production;


    Product number


    Potassium oleate content

    Raynol PC-3920

    Colorless transparent liquid


    Raynol PC-3925

    Colorless transparent liquid


    Raynol PC-3930

    Colorless transparent liquid


    Raynol PC-3932

    Colorless transparent liquid


    Raynol PC-1540

    Colorless transparent liquid


    Raynol PC-3950

      Light brown transparent liquid


    Raynol PC-3955

                Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid


    Raynol PC-3980

    Pale yellow paste solid


    Raynol PC-3999

    Yellowish solid powder



    Storage and transport:

    This product needs to be sealed and stored in normal temperature and ventilated condition. The suitable storage temperature is 0 ~ 35 ℃. Gel phenomenon may occur in long time low temperature storage, so long as the recovery temperature can be restored, the normal use of this product will not be affected.

    This product is not a dangerous chemical and is transported according to general cargo.

    Labour protection: 

    This product is not a dangerous chemical, according to general chemicals can be equipped with labor protection products, such as rubber gloves, long-sleeved clothing and so on. This product is soluble in water, aqueous solution is weak alkaline, slight irritation, if accidentally stained with the skin, eyes, immediately rinse with clean water.

    Please wear appropriate protective clothing before using this product and carefully refer to the material safety specification MSDS

    Packing specification:

    1000Kg/ ton barrel or 200kg/ barrel


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