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    latex foaming stabilizer PM series

    • Pm series products are anionic surfactants, which are suitable for latex foaming systems, especially for natural emulsion foaming systems and foam stabilizers, based on the specific molecular structure of the active compounds in the products
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    Product features:

    1.   PM series products have excellent foaming performance and foam stability, foam in emulsion foaming system is rich and fine, foam persistence;

    2.   The product can effectively improve the mechanical stability of latex, to prevent latex sedimentation, dead rubber and other phenomena;

    3.   The use of this product can improve the glossiness of the product surface, and give the product good flexibility;

    4. This product is environmental protection product, no pollution to the environment, strong stability in neutral and alkaline media.

    Product No.



    Raynol PM-520

    Colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid



    Raynol PM-370

    Yellowish to amber transparent liquid


    Raynol PM-630

    Yellowish to amber transparent liquid


    Raynol PM-608

    Yellowish to amber transparent liquid


    Raynol PM-198

    Yellowish to amber transparent liquid


    Raynol PM-1960

    Colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid


    Raynol PM-512

    White emulsion


    Storage and transport:

    This product needs to be sealed and stored in normal temperature and ventilated condition. The suitable storage temperature is 0 ~ 35 ℃. Gel phenomenon may occur in long time low temperature storage, so long as the recovery temperature can be restored, the normal use of this product will not be affected.

    This product is not a dangerous chemical and is transported according to general cargo.

    Labour protection:

    This product is not a dangerous chemical, according to general chemicals can be equipped with labor protection products, such as rubber gloves, long-sleeved clothing and so on. This product is soluble in water, aqueous solution is weak alkaline, slight irritation, if accidentally stained with the skin, eyes, immediately rinse with clean water.

    Please wear appropriate protective clothing before using this product and carefully refer to the material safety specification MSDS.

    Packing specification:

    1000Kg/ ton barrel or 200kg/ barrel


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